DragonVale Sandbox

How to Play

Elementary is a game where you drop dragon eggs into a game board, trying to match elements. When an egg appears at the top of the board, move your cursor to move it and click on the egg to drop it. If you're using a smartphone or other touch device, touch and drag the egg to move it and release to drop it. (Don't worry, dragon eggs are very strong and never break.)

Groups of four or more adjacent eggs with a common element are cleared from the board and scored. The more eggs you clear at once, the more points that group is worth.

Initially, all the dragon eggs possess primary elements. As you continue to play, the difficulty will periodically increase. Each time it does, another epic element is added. Try to keep going!

Are you Ready?

CC Attribution

Alert5 and Pingding by RICHERlandTV at freesound.org CC BY 3.0