DragonVale Sandbox

Incept Date

The DragonVale Sandbox was created in May 2017, following the retirement of the original Dragonvale Breeding Sandbox created by r0b0_tr0n aka Raymond Kirkland.

This is an independent, fan-created project and is neither associated with nor sanctioned by Deca Games, the owners of DragonVale .

Breeding Rules

  1. Rule Zero — The breeding rules used by the DragonVale Sandbox are derived from conjecture, experiment, and deduction. They are not canonical, and may be incomplete and/or inaccurate.
  2. Primary Rule — If a primary dragon is bred with another primary dragon of the same element, then the offspring is always a primary dragon of that element (e.g. Fire + Fire → Fire).
  3. Opposite Elements — A primary dragon cannot be bred with a primary dragon of the opposite element (e.g. Fire + Cold).
  4. General Rule — Otherwise, the kinds of dragons being bred and all combinations of the elements they represent determines the pool of potential offspring.
  5. Limited Dragons — Some kinds of dragons are limited and cannot be bred except
    1. under specific circumstances (e.g. a Blue Moon dragon during a blue moon),
    2. if one of the parents is a dragon of that kind (i.e. you already have one, or can breed with a friend's dragon in the Cooperative Cave),
    3. or during a Bring 'Em Back event.


716 dragons, 236,323 breeding pairs, 9907 lines of code, 20 minutes to recompile, 1336 MB of breeding data.

Over the last 30 days: 45,542 unique visitors, 25,270,348 requests, 480.9 GB transferred.