DragonVale Sandbox

Thanks for all the good times, Backflip

Incept Date

The DragonVale Sandbox was created in May 2017, following the retirement of the original Dragonvale Breeding Sandbox created by r0b0_tr0n aka Raymond Kirkland.

This is an independent, fan-created project and is neither associated with nor sanctioned by Backflip Studios, the creators of DragonVale .

Breeding Rules

  1. Rule Zero — The breeding rules used by the DragonVale Sandbox are derived from conjecture, experiment, and deduction. They are not canonical, and may be incomplete and/or inaccurate.
  2. Primary Rule — If a primary dragon is bred with another primary dragon of the same element, then the offspring is always a primary dragon of that element (e.g. Fire + Fire → Fire).
  3. Opposite Elements — A primary dragon cannot be bred with a primary dragon of the opposite element (e.g. Fire + Cold).
  4. General Rule — Otherwise, the kinds of dragons being bred and all combinations of the elements they represent determines the pool of potential offspring.
  5. Limited Dragons — Some kinds of dragons are limited and cannot be bred except
    1. under specific circumstances (e.g. a Blue Moon dragon during a blue moon),
    2. if one of the parents is a dragon of that kind (i.e. you already have one, or can breed with a friend's dragon in the Cooperative Cave),
    3. or during a Bring 'Em Back event.


562 dragons, 142,306 breeding pairs, 9530 lines of code, 7 minutes to recompile, 808 MB of breeding data.

Over the last 30 days: 24,234 unique visitors, 10,929,799 requests, 185.6 GB transferred.